Lightweight and extensible PHP framework for small projects

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What is Droplet Framework?

Droplet Framework is a micro web framework to build applications using PHP language. Its main purpose is to give developers the minimum configuration necessary to start writing beautiful web applications.

Droplet Framework is based on very small pieces called "droplet" that executes some lines of code and your application are done to benefit of that great configuration.


Droplet Framework was inspired on Symfony Framework and uses some of its components to perform some boring things like Routing and Templating.


Droplet Framework requires PHP 5.4 and up.


Use composer to install Droplet Framework

$ composer require tsantos/droplet-framework

However, you can start using Droplet Framework easily through the ready to use Droplet Application.



Running Tests

The unit tests of Droplet Framework were written with PHPSpec and functional tests with Behat

$ vendor/bin/phpspec run
$ vendor/bin/behat