Build REST APIs with Nette Framework

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Build REST APIs with Nette Framework.

Tripomatic\NetteApi is a very light base for building REST APIs with Nette Framework. It provides an extremely minimalist base presenter, an error presenter that ensures returning a valid JSON on any error and takes care of logging, and a handy JSON prettifier for testing APIs in browser that does not force you to hide your Tracy panel.


Install Tripomatic\NetteApi using Composer:

$ composer require tripomatic/nette-api


Add Tripomatic\NetteApi extension in your NEON config:

  	api: Tripomatic\NetteApi\DI\ApiExtension

Create your first RESTful presenter inherited from minimalist Tripomatic\NetteApi\Application\Presenter:

use Nette\Application\Request;
use Tripomatic\NetteApi\Application\Presenter;
use Tripomatic\NetteApi\Application\Responses\JsonResponse;

class WeatherPresenter extends Presenter
	public function get(Request $request)
		$city = $request->getParameter('city');

		$data = ...; // get weather data for the city
		return new JsonResponse($data);

	// implement ohter REST methods similarly


Tripomatic\NetteApi does not require any additional configuration, it sets up two handy defaults:

  • An error presenter is set up that ensures the API returns a valid JSON in all error situations.
  • API responses are prettified by default when running in debug mode, Tracy panel is also visible.

This behavior can be easily overridden in corresponding extension's section:

	prettify: %debugMode% # can be set to TRUE/FALSE
	errorPresenter: NetteApi:Error
		NetteApi: 'Tripomatic\NetteApi\Application\Presenters\*Presenter'


If you need some help with writing your application bootsrap here is an example that we use in Tripomatic:

require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

$tomDebug = getenv('TOM_DEBUG') === 'TRUE' && isset($_COOKIE['tom_api_debug']);
$tomLogDir = getenv('TOM_LOG_DIR') ?: '/var/log/tripomatic/some-api';
$tomTmpDir = getenv('TOM_TMP_DIR') ?: '/var/tmp/some-api';
$tomConfigFile = getenv('TOM_CONFIG_FILE') ?: __DIR__ . '/../config/config.local.neon';

$configurator = new Nette\Configurator;

$configurator->addConfig(__DIR__ . '/../config/config.neon');
if (file_exists($tomConfigFile)) {

return $configurator->createContainer();

Yes, with Nette Framework it can really be that minimalist. Everything else can be achieved with Nette's great Dependency Injection implementation. For more details see Nette Framework documentation.


Tripomatic\NetteApi is licensed under MIT.