This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A PHP wrapper for the unix `at` queue

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A PHP class to wrap the Unix/Linux at/atd job queue. At allows you to specify a job that the system should run at certain point in time. For more information on at either run man at in your console or visit man page This class lets you add new items to the queue either as a command or a path to a file and it can also give you back a list of the jobs already in the queue. You have the option to supply a queue letter that the wrapper should use so you can seperate out your jobs. For example::

Migrate to v2

Since the PHP 7.x version has been released for about whiles, the 1.x version will not be active and please concern about 2.x version.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';
use Treffynnon\At\Wrapper as At

// create a command job
$job = 'echo "hello" | wall';
$time = 'now + 1min';
// save command job to queue letter c
$queue = 'c';
At::cmd($job, $time, $queue);

// create a file job
$job = '/home/example/';
// save file job to queue letter f
$queue = 'f';
At::file($job, $time, $queue);

// create a file job and send it to
// the default queue (determined by at)
At::file($job, $time);

// get a list of all the jobs in the queue

// get a list of all the jobs in the f queue

// get a list of all the jobs in the c queue

PHP 5.3 is required to support the use of the namespace, but this could easily be removed to make it backwards compatible with PHP 5.1 and above.


  • Unix/Linux
  • at (you will already have this installed as it comes with Linux distributions)
  • If using PHP 5.3 and above due to the use of namespaces in the code, please use 1.x versions.
  • If using PHP 7.2+ version, please use 2.x versions. It will not support PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1 versions.


With composer already setup/init in your project you can add this project with:

composer require treffynnon/php-at-job-queue-wrapper

Running the Tests

Clone this repository and install the development dependencies using composer:

composer install

Once complete you can simply run:

composer run-script test

from the root directory of the at Job Queue Wrapper.

Troubleshooting Failed Tests

The tests may fail if your version of at outputs differently when a new job is added or when the at queue is listed. The class has to long but simple regular expressions defined as properties in it. With a little knowledge of regex you can modify these to suit the output of the at binary on your operating system.

If you find that you need to modify these regexs then please lodge a ticket on github.

Currently Tested Output Styles


Add job

[root@server home]#  echo 'echo "hello" \| wall' | at now +10min
job 3 at 2010-11-15 10:54

List queue

[root@server home]# at -l
2       2010-11-15 10:53 a root
3       2010-11-15 10:54 a root


Add job

user@server:~$ echo 'echo "hello" \| wall' | at now +10min
warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh
job 17 at Mon Nov 15 10:55:00 2010

List queue

user@server:~$ at -l
17      Mon Nov 15 10:55:00 2010 a simon
18      Mon Nov 15 10:55:00 2010 a simon