Client for the Swift object store protocol

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composer require treehouselabs/swift-client:~1.0


use TreeHouse\Keystone\Client\ClientFactory;
use TreeHouse\Keystone\Client\Model\Tenant;

// use `treehouselabs/keystone-client` to initialize a Guzzle Client that can
// communicate with Keystone-authenticated services
$driver = new SwiftDriver($client);
$store  = new ObjectStore($driver);

// create a new container and object
$container = $store->createContainer('foo');
$object = $store->createObject($container, 'bar');

// set a local file to the object

// update the object in the store

// ...

// get the stored container/object
$container = $store->getContainer('foo');
$object = $container->getObject('bar);

// get the contents