A PHP library to parse street addresses to localized formats

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A PHP library to parse street addresses to localized formats. The address formats are based on the formats supplied by Google's libaddressinput.



From the command line run:

$ composer require torann/address-format



format(array $data, $html = false)


  • $data - An array of address elements
  • $html - When set to true the address elements will be wrapped with span tags.

NOTE: The wrapping span tags contain itemprop attributes that adhere to the PostalAddress schema.


$address = \Torann\AddressFormat\Address::format([
    'recipient' => 'Jane Doe',
    'organization' => 'Whitworth Institute Inc.',
    'street_address' => '20341 Whitworth Institute',
    'street_address_2' => '405 N. Whitworth',
    'locality' => 'Seattle',
    'admin_area' => 'WA',
    'postal_code' => '98052',
    'country_iso' => 'US',

The above code will produce the following:

Jane Doe
Whitworth Institute Inc.
20341 Whitworth Institute
405 N. Whitworth
Seattle, WA 98052

NOTE: The country_iso attribute is used to determine the address's format. The default is set to US.

Custom Country Formats

This allows you to set your own formats.

setFormats(array $countries)


  • $countries - An array of country ISO codes and corresponding formats values.


    'GB' => '%N%n%O%n%A%n%C%n%Z %R',
    'US' => '%N%n%O%n%A%n%C, %S %Z %R',

Available Attributes

Attribute Format Key Common Name
admin_area S state
locality C city
recipient N person's name
organization O organization
dependent_locality D
postal_code Z zip code
sorting_code X
street_address A
country R

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