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PHP Library for manipulating files to produce a patch.

v0.1.0 2014-01-10 16:47 UTC

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A PHP Library which allows your to load some text, make some modifications to it and then generate a patch.


Installation is quite and easy with composer:

composer require tomphp/patch-builder:dev-master


Simply create a PatchBuffer containing the content you want to modify then apply the modifications with the methods available:

use TomPHP\PatchBuilder\PatchBuffer;
use TomPHP\PatchBuilder\Types\LineNumber;
use TomPHP\PatchBuilder\Types\LineRange;

$buffer = PatchBuffer::createWithContents(file('somedata.txt'));

// Insert 2 at line 27
$buffer->insert(new LineNumber(27), array('hello', 'world'));

// Delete lines 12 to 16
$buffer->delete(LineRange::createFromNumbers(12, 16));

// Replace line 4 and 5 with a new line
$buffer->replace(LineRange::createFromNumbers(4, 5), array('hello moon'));

###Line Numbers

Line numbers and ranges are specified as TomPHP\PatchBuilder\Types\LineNumber and TomPHP\PatchBuilder\Types\LineRange objects and refer to the line in the buffer in it's modified state.

If you want to refer to a line but its number in the original content you can use a TomPHP\PatchBuilder\Types\OriginalLineNumber object instead and it will be translated to the current line number in the modified file.

use TomPHP\PatchBuilder\PatchBuffer;
use TomPHP\PatchBuilder\Types\LineNumber;
use TomPHP\PatchBuilder\Types\OrignalLineNumber;

$buffer = PatchBuffer::createWithContents(file('somedata.txt'));

// Insert 2 at line 5
$buffer->insert(new LineNumber(5), array('hello', 'world'));

// Actually inserts at line 8 because 2 lines have been added before here.
$buffer->insert(new OriginalLineNumber(6), array('hello', 'moon'));

If you try to access a line by original line number which has since been deleted a TomPHP\PatchBuilder\LineTracker\Exception\DeletedLineException will be thrown.

###Outputting the patch

The buffer can be converted to a patch using a PatchBuilder class. Currently only 1 PatchBuilder class is provided:

use TomPHP\PatchBuilder\PatchBuffer;
use TomPHP\PatchBuilder\Builder\PhpDiffBuilder;

$filename = 'myfile.txt';

$src = 'orignal/' . $filename;
$dest = 'new/' . $filename;

$buffer = PatchBuffer::createWithContents(file($src));

// ... perform buffer manipulations ...

$builder = new PhpDiffBuilder();

echo $builder->buildPatch($src, $dest, $buffer);