There is no license information available for the latest version (2.5.1) of this package.


Otomaties Bootstrap Popup

Load Bootstrap JS from theme or other plugin

If you're loading bootstrap JS in your theme or another plugin, there's no need to load it twice. Loading it twice leads to slower loading times and could cause conflicts.

Make sure otomaties-bootstrap-popup is loaded first

$dependencies = wp_script_is('otomaties-bootstrap-popup', 'enqueued') ? ['otomaties-bootstrap-popup'] : [];
bundle('app')->enqueueCss()->enqueueJs(true, $dependencies);

Load javascript without bootstrap

add_filter('otomaties_bootstrap_popup_load_bootstrap', '__return_false');

Pass modal component through a custom BootstrapLoaded event

import { Modal } from 'bootstrap';

const bootstrapComponents = {
    modal: Modal,

const bootstrapLoadedEvent = new CustomEvent('BootstrapLoaded', {detail: {components : bootstrapComponents}});


Use BS 4.x instead of 5.x

add_filter('otomaties_bootstrap_popup_bootstrap_version', function() {
    return '4.x';

Filter available bootstrap themes


Center popup

add_filter('otomaties_bootstrap_popup_modal_dialog_classes', function ($classes) {
    $classes .= ' modal-dialog-centered';
    return $classes;