Preposition replace library

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PHP Prepositioner for replacing prepositions with   after preposition

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Install package via composer:

$ composer require tomaj/prepositioner


Simple usage without Factory is very simple:

$prepositioner = new Tomaj\Prepositioner\Prepositioner(['one', 'two']);

This example replaces all occurences of 'one' or 'two' strings in $inputText as 'one ' and 'two '.

For using with Factory which contains language support try:

$prepositioner = Tomaj\Prepositioner\Factory::build('slovak')


For new language support you need to implement new language class which implements LanguageInterface with prepositions. See SlovakLanguage for details.


From version 2 to 3

  • Minimum php version is 7.3 from now
  • If you are using custom Language file from otside or from this repository (and don't use Tomaj\Prepositioner\Factory) you have to change namespace from \Tomaj\Prepositioner\MyLanguage to \Tomaj\Prepositioner\Language\MyLanguage
  • Note: new version includes declare(strict_types=1); in all files

Known issue

  1. each new language has to be in Tomaj\Prepositioner\Language namespace if you would like to use Factory