IMAP mail downloader

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Library for fetching inbox mails and processing them.

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Install package via composer:

$ composer require tomaj/imap-mail-downloader


Basic usage in php:

use Tomaj\ImapMailDownloader\Downloader;
use Tomaj\ImapMailDownloader\MailCriteria;
use Tomaj\ImapMailDownloader\Email;

$downloader = new Downloader('*imap host*', *port*, '*username*', '*password*');

$criteria = new MailCriteria();
$downloader->fetch($criteria, function(Email $email) {
	return true;

You can return false in callback function. In this case this email will be fetched also in next time. For processing emails you will need to create folder INBOX/processed. There is possiblity to setup criteria for fetching emails with MailCriteria. More information in source code.

Library is extremelly simple. Usefull for processing some notification emails. For complex usecases you will need to use native php imap_ functions.