Provides event calendar for your Symfony 4 project. Compatible with Doctrine ORM & ODM, and custom storages.

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This bundle allow you to integrate FullCalendar.js library in your Symfony 4 project.

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  • Symfony 3.4+ or Symfony 4.1+
  • FullCalendar.js v3.9.0
  • No storage dependencies (Compatible with: Doctrine, MongoDB, CouchDB...)
  • PHP v5.6+
  • PHPSpec


The source of the documentation is stored in the doc/ folder in this bundle :

Read the Documentation

Link the calendar to a CRUD and allow add, edit & show events

All the installation instructions are located in the documentation.

Contribute and feedback

Any feedback and contribution will be very appreciated.


This bundle is under the MIT license. See the complete license in the bundle