Command Scheduler for Magento 2

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This module allows you to schedule bin/magento commands in the Magento admin. This makes it possible to run bin/magento command with only Magento admin access.


  1. Configure the allowed commands: List of allowed commands can be configured in the di like this:
<type name="Tkotosz\CommandScheduler\Model\AllowedCommandsContainer">
        <argument name="allowedCommands" xsi:type="array">
            <item name="Cache Clean" xsi:type="string">cache:clean</item>
  1. Schedule any allowed command on the System > Tools > Schedule Commands admin page

  2. Wait for the schedule processor to run: By default a cron runs every 5 minute to process the next pending schedule. (alternatively you can use the bin/magento command-scheduler:process-next-schedule command to trigger the schedule processing)

  3. Check the result of the command execution on the System > Tools > Schedule Commands admin page by clicking on the "view result" link