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Hart Credit Reports for Laravel 5

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Add the following to your composer.json file.

"tjphippen/hart": "0.1.*@dev"

Then run composer install or composer update to download and install.

You'll then need to register the service provider in your config/app.php file within providers.

'providers' => array(

This package includes a auto registered facade which provides the static syntax for running/retrieving credit reports.

Create configuration file using artisan

$ php artisan vendor:publish

The configuration file will be published to config/hart.php which must be completed to make connections to the API. In order to use this package you must first have account credentials to access the API provided by Hart Software

     * Environment (development or production)
    'env' => 'development',

     * Hart Account
    'account' => '',

     * Hart Password
    'passwd' => '',


Run Credit Report

You may send an array with the persons details like below

   'name' => 'John Doe', 
   'address' => '123 Fake Street',
   'city' => 'Faketown',
   'state' => 'CA',
   'zip' => '55555',
   'dob' => '08/25/1991',
   'ssn' => '123456789',

Or simply use an object returned by an Eloquent model.

$customer = Customer::findOrFail($customerId); // Model not included :P

Get Previous Report by Token

$token = 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXX...';
Hart::getByToken(['token' => $token]);

Currently both functions return a full response object. I've added a chainable ->parse() method to return the following.

    "transaction": "995284100",
    "token": "F94OtZHJKthWudshcdnJI3YLRRwaappmIYo2Dp...",
    "score": 566,
    "reasons": [
        "Serious delinquency, and derogatory public record or collection files",
        "Number of accounts with delinquency",
        "Time since delinquency is too recent or unknown"

Or you can return a full SimpleXMLElement and parse to fit your needs.


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