DocuSign Rest API Wrapper for Laravel.

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This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-11-29 02:07:48 UTC


This package was developed to utilize e-contract/signatures directly within a Laravel based CRM.

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Refer to

Latest Docusign API Documentation for outdated links.

Also see my eOriginal package


Add the following to your composer.json file.

"tjphippen/docusign": "0.4*@dev"

Then run composer install or composer update to download and install.

You'll then need to register the service provider in your config/app.php file within providers.

'providers' => array(

DocuSign includes a auto registered facade which provides the static syntax for managing envelopes, recipients etc. If you have issues simply add it manually to your aliases array

'aliases' => array(
    'Docusign'  => Tjphippen\Docusign\Facades\Docusign::class,

Create configuration file using artisan

$ php artisan vendor:publish

The configuration file will be published to config/docusign.php which must be completed to make connections to the API.

     * The DocuSign Integrator's Key

    'integrator_key' => '',

     * The Docusign Account Email
    'email' => '',

     * The Docusign Account Password
    'password' => '',


Get List of Users


Get Individual User

Docusign::getUser($userId, true);  // When true, the full list of user information is returned for the user. 

Get Folders

Docusign::getFolders(); // By default only the list of template folders are returned
Docusign::getFolders(true);  // Will return normal folders plus template folders

Get Folder Envelope List


See: All Parameters for this method.

Docusign::getFolderEnvelopes($folderId, array(
   'start_position' => 1, // Integer
   'from_date' => '', // date/Time
   'to_date' => '', // date/Time
   'search_text' => '', // String
   'status' => 'created', // Status
   'owner_name' => '', // username
   'owner_email' => '', // email

Get List of Templates


Or with Additional Parameters.

   'folder' => 1, // String (folder name or folder ID)
   'folder_ids' => '', // Comma separated list of folder ID GUIDs.
   'include' => '', // Comma separated list of additional template attributes

Get Template


Get Multiple Envelopes

$envelopes = array('49d91fa5-1259-443f-85fc-708379fd7bbe', '8b2d44a-41dc-4698-9233-4be0678c345c');

Get Individual Envelope


Get Envelope Recipient


To include tabs simply set the second parameter to true:

Docusign::getEnvelopeRecipients($envelopeId, true);

Get Envelope Custom Fields


Get Tab Information for a Recipient

See: Tab Parameters

Docusign::getEnvelopeTabs($envelopeId, $recipientId);

Modify Tabs for a Recipient

This one is a bit tricky. The tabId is required and must be within set of arrays. See: [Tab Types and Parameters] (

$tabs = ['textTabs' => [['tabId' => '270269f6-4a84-4ff9-86db-2a572eb73d99', 'value' => '123 Fake Street']]];
Docusign::updateRecipientTabs($envelopeId, $recipientId, $tabs);

Create/Send an Envelope from a Template

See: Send an Envelope or Create a Draft Envelope for full list of parameters/options.

   'templateId'     => 'XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX', // Template ID
   'emailSubject'   => 'Demo Envelope Subject', // Subject of email sent to all recipients
   'status'         => 'created', // created = draft ('sent' will send the envelope!)
   'templateRoles'  => array(
        ['name'     => 'TJ Phippen',
         'email'    => '',
         'roleName' => 'Contractor',
         'clientUserId'  => 1],
        ['name'     => 'Jane Someone',
         'email'    => '',
         'roleName' => 'Customer']),

Modify Draft Envelope Email Subject and Message

The updateEnvelope method can be used in a variety of ways..

Docusign::updateEnvelope($envelopeId, array(
    'emailSubject' => 'New Email Subject', // Required
    'emailBlurb' => 'Email message body text'

Post Recipient View

Returns embeded signing URL. [Reference] (

Docusign::createRecipientView($envelopeId, array(
    'userName' => 'TJ Phippen',
    'email' => '',
    'AuthenticationMethod' => 'email',
    'clientUserId' => 1, // Must create envelope with this ID
    'returnUrl' => 'http://your-site.tdl/returningUrl'

Send Draft Envelope

Docusign::updateEnvelope($envelopeId, ['status' => 'sent']);

Void Envelope

Docusign::updateEnvelope($envelopeId, array(
    'status' => 'voided',
    'voidedReason' => 'Just Testing'

Delete Envelope


Change Log


  • Updated Guzzle dependancy & namespace


  • Added trait


  • Released