Integrates YMLP API for Symfony

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Last update: 2022-06-26 21:53:08 UTC


This bundle integrates the Your Mailing List Provider (YMLP) API into Symfony projects.

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Use Composer to install this bundle:

composer require tilleuls/ymlp-bundle

Add the bundle in your application kernel:

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    return [
        // ...
        new CoopTilleuls\Bundle\YmlpBundle\CoopTilleulsYmlpBundle(),
        // ...


# app/config/config.yml

    # YMLP URL for API calls (default to https://www.ymlp.com/api/)
    api_url: https://www.ymlp.com/api/
    # Your YMLP API key (no default)
    api_key: YOURSECRETAPIKEY1234
    # Your YMLP username (no default)
    api_username: tilleuls


use CoopTilleuls\Bundle\YmlpBundle\Ymlp\Exception\YmlpException;

// Get an instance of the YMLP API client as a service
$ymlpClient = $this->get('coop_tilleuls_ymlp.client');

// Call the simple Ping() command of the YMLP API
$pingResponse = $ymlpClient->call('Ping');

// Add a new contact to one or more groups with exception handling
try {
    $contactsAddResponse = $ymlpClient->call('Contacts.Add', ['Email' => 'baptiste@les-tilleuls.coop', 'GroupID' => 1]);
} catch (YmlpException $e) {

The call() method returns an array containing the response or throws an exception of type \CoopTilleuls\Bundle\YmlpBundle\Ymlp\Exception\YmlpException.

You can obtain a list of all the commands of the API, their parameters and their responses on the YMLP API page (require YMLP credentials).


This bundle has been written by Baptiste Meyer for Les-Tilleuls.coop.