Plugin to import taxons (one level only) and products in Sylius.



Sylius Quick Import Plugin

Plugin to quicky import taxons and products in Sylius catalog.

⚠️ This plugin is not a replacement for SyliusImportExportPlugin which continues to be the best solution to import/export full catalog for Sylius.


This plugin has been written during the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to allow shoppers to build quick website and to import catalog without effort.

When using it?

  • you need to import one level of taxons.
  • you need to import simple product (code, name, description, main taxon, price, stock).
  • that's it. If you need more, you should use SyliusImportExportPlugin.


  1. Run composer require tilleuls/sylius-quick-import-plugin.

  2. Add plugin dependency to your config/bundles.php:

    return [
        CoopTilleuls\SyliusQuickImportPlugin\CoopTilleulsSyliusQuickImportPlugin::class => ['all' => true],
  3. Import the routing in your config/routes.yaml

        resource: "@CoopTilleulsSyliusQuickImportPlugin/Resources/config/admin_routing.yml"
        prefix: /admin


You can find a new entry "Import catalog" in your admin menu. In these section you can download spreadsheet examples and import a catalog which respect this schema.