Mandrill Driver for Laravel 9+

6.0.0 2024-04-02 11:05 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-02 11:24:28 UTC


This package re-enables Mandrill driver functionality using the Mail facade in Laravel 6+.

To install the package in your project, you need to require the package via Composer:

composer require therobfonz/laravel-mandrill-driver

To add your Mandrill secret key, add the following lines to config\services.php and set MANDRILL_KEY in your env:

'mandrill' => [
    'secret' => env('MANDRILL_KEY'),

You can also add custom Mandrill headers to each email sent, for this you need to add the headers array in the following format to config\services.php:

'mandrill' => [
    'secret' => env('MANDRILL_KEY'),
    'headers' => [
        'header-example-x' => env('MANDRILL_HEADER_X'),
        'header-example-y' => env('MANDRILL_HEADER_Y'),

all the valid options in Mandrill docs at:

Accessing Mandrill message ID

Mandrill message ID's for sent emails can be accessed by listening to the MessageSent event. It can then be read either from the sent data or the X-Message-ID header.

Event::listen(\Illuminate\Mail\Events\MessageSent::class, function($event)
    $messageId = $event->sent->getMessageId();
    $messageId = $event->message->getHeaders()->get('X-Message-ID');


Laravel Version Mandrill package version
10 5.x
9 4.x
6, 7, 8 3.x

Laravel 7+ Installation

composer require therobfonz/laravel-mandrill-driver:^3.0

Add the Mandrill mailer to your config\mail.php:

'mandrill' => [
    'transport' => 'mandrill',

Set the MAIL_MAILER value in your env to mandrill to enable it:


Laravel 6 Installation

As before, you can set the MAIL_DRIVER value in your env to mandrill to enable it:


Lumen Installation

Add the following line to bootstrap/app.php