Mandrill Driver for Laravel 9+

4.0.2 2022-09-02 10:27 UTC

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Last update: 2022-11-30 12:05:37 UTC


This package re-enables Mandrill driver functionality using the Mail facade in Laravel 6+.

To install the package in your project, you need to require the package via Composer:

composer require therobfonz/laravel-mandrill-driver

To add your Mandrill secret key, add the following lines to config\services.php and set MANDRILL_KEY in your env:

'mandrill' => [
    'secret' => env('MANDRILL_KEY'),

You can also add custom Mandrill headers to each email sent, for this you need to add the headers array in the following format to config\services.php:

'mandrill' => [
    'secret' => env('MANDRILL_KEY'),
    'headers' => [
        'header-example-x' => env('MANDRILL_HEADER_X'),
        'header-example-y' => env('MANDRILL_HEADER_Y'),

all the valid options in Mandrill docs at:


Laravel Version Mandrill package version
9+ 4.x
6, 7, 8 3.x

Laravel 7+ Installation

composer require therobfonz/laravel-mandrill-driver:^3.0

Add the Mandrill mailer to your config\mail.php:

'mandrill' => [
    'transport' => 'mandrill',

Set the MAIL_MAILER value in your env to mandrill to enable it:


Laravel 6 Installation

As before, you can set the MAIL_DRIVER value in your env to mandrill to enable it:


Lumen Installation

Add the following line to bootstrap/app.php