XML sitemap generation

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A tool to generate XML sitemaps

Basic Usage

Generating a urlset sitemap

$urlSet = new Thepixeldeveloper\Sitemap\Urlset(); 

$url = (new Thepixeldeveloper\Sitemap\Url($loc))


Generating a sitemapindex sitemap

$sitemapIndex = new Thepixeldeveloper\Sitemap\SitemapIndex(); 

$url = (new Thepixeldeveloper\Sitemap\Sitemap($loc))


Then pass either SitemapIndex or Urlset to Output to generate output

echo (new Thepixeldeveloper\Sitemap\Output())->getOutput($sitemapIndex);


You can add more specific information to a URL entry, ie video / image information


$subelement = new Thepixeldeveloper\Sitemap\Subelements\Image('https://s3.amazonaws.com/path/to/image');


$subelement = new Thepixeldeveloper\Sitemap\Subelements\Video('thumbnail', 'title', 'description');


$subelement = new Thepixeldeveloper\Sitemap\Subelements\Mobile();

Then you need to add the subelement to the URL

$url = new Thepixeldeveloper\Sitemap\Url('http://www.example.com/1')

and rendering is described above.

Advanced Usage

Indenting output

Output is indented by default, can be turned off as follows

echo (new Thepixeldeveloper\Sitemap\Output())


Name Default Values
setIndented true boolean
setIndentString 4 spaces string

Why should I use this over cartographer?

  • This library has less complexity. All it's going to do is build an object graph and spit it out as XML
  • Has support for a growing list of sub elements ie: mobile and images
  • No dependencies. A library outputting XML doesn't need to rely on Flysystem