Rest php client for osticket

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Rest php client for osticket


Ositcket features

  • Creation of tickets
  • Attachments
  • Execution of cron


  • Unit tests
  • Laravel integration
  • Load data by env
  • PHP doc
  • Force HTTPS
  • Better HTTPS status code manage (for example 303 and other 2xx)
  • Travis scrutinizer integration
  • Usage guide and wiki
  • Proxy


Create a ticket

use it\thecsea\osticket_php_client\OsticketPhpClient;
use it\thecsea\osticket_php_client\OsticketPhpClientException;

$support = new OsticketPhpClient($url, $apiKey);
  $response = $client->newTicket()
  print $response;
}catch(OsticketPhpClientException $e){
  print $->getMessage();

Of course you can perform the request without inserting all fields.
You can also use withData method passing and array of data that is merged with the data set previously or with the defaut data