This package is not installable via Composer 1.x, please make sure you upgrade to Composer 2+. Read more about our Composer 1.x deprecation policy.

This library allows Pimple containers to use universal service providers as defined in container-interop/service-provider

1.0.x-dev 2016-10-25 20:57 UTC

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container-interop/service-provider bridge for Pimple

Register service-providers as defined in container-interop into a Pimple 3 container.


Add the package in composer:

composer require thecodingmachine/pimple-universal-service-provider-bridge ^1.0


Create a ServiceProviderPimpleBridge instance and register container-interop service providers on this instance.

use TheCodingMachine\Pimple\ServiceProviderPimpleBridge;

// Create your pimple container
$pimple = new Pimple\Container();

// Create the bridge
$bridge = new ServiceProviderPimpleBridge($pimple);

// Now, register any service provider you like (compatible with container-interop/service-provider) on the bridge
$bridge->register(new GlideServiceProvider());