Allowing discovery of container objects

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This package contains an interface and Puli binding-types to automatically discover containers.


container-interop defines a common interface for Container objects (the ContainerInterface). This package proposes a default interface for factories that can generate container objects.

This factory is static and can be automatically detected by Puli using class discovery.

The goal is to allow a composite container to automatically detect and create container instances.


composer require thecodingmachine/container-discovery@dev

This package adheres to the SemVer specification and will be fully backward compatible between minor versions.

Containers discovery

The goal of this package is to enable a package to automatically publish or discover containers.

To automatically provide a container to your application, we use Puli's discovery mechanism.

This package contains a Puli binding-type named container-interop/ContainerFactories. This binding-type should contain fully qualified class names implementing the ContainerFactoryInterface interface.

Providing containers

To provide a container, write a ContainerFactory that will return an instance of your container implementing ContainerInterface.

For instance (using Picotainer):

namespace My\Package;

use Interop\Container\Factory\ContainerFactoryInterface;
use Assembly\ArrayDefinitionProvider;

class MyContainerFactory implements ContainerFactoryInterface {
    public static function buildContainer(ContainerInterface $rootContainer, Discovery $discovery) {
        return new Picotainer([
            'logger' => function() {
                new MyLogger();

Once your class is written, use Puli to bind it to the list of available containers:

$ puli bind "My\\Package\\MyContainerFactory" container-interop/ContainerFactories

Note: by convention, you can add a "priority" parameter to the binding. Default priority is 0. Lower priorities are processed first (and therefore, higher priorities are overloading lower priorities).

$ puli bind "My\\Package\\MyContainerFactory" container-interop/ContainerFactories --param priority=42

Consuming containers

In your code, you can find all classes of the container-interop/ContainerFactories binding-type using:

// $discovery is the Puli Discovery object.

$factories = $discovery->findByType('container-interop/ContainerFactories');

// TODO: sample code to sort by priority.