A set of classes to better manipulate the RuneScape lite highscores API

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A PHP layer on top of the RuneScape Highscores.


Installing via composer

If you run this command with composer it'll require it into your project

composer require that-chris-r/runescape-highscores

Or add this to your composer.json

	"require": {
		"that-chris-r/runescape-highscores": "2.*"

Installing via git

Alternatively you can clone this repository and use the files in lib.

Retrieving a player

In order to access a player you need to create a new highscores object and use that to query the RuneScape API, $client = new RunescapeHighscores();.

Once you have a client you can retrieve a single player using the get_player method, $player = $client->get_player('Das Wanderer');.

You can also retrive multiple players at one time using the get_players method, $players = $client->get_players(["Das Wanderer", "Bexs"]);.

This will return an indexed array with the indexes being the RuneScape usernames, E.G. $players["Das Wanderer"] will give you access to a player object.

Using a player object


Player objects use magic methods to access the properties for a player.

Each attribute holds its values in a PlayerValue class, when treated like a string it will return the level for skills and rank for anything else.

So to access a players attack level you do:

// Short syntax
echo $player->attack;
// Longer syntax
echo $player->attack->level;

Each PlayerValue object holds other values, for skills it holds

  • Rank
  • Xp
  • Level

For minigames it holds:

  • Rank
  • Score

Minigames are access as they are named in the api documentation and spaces are replaced with underscores, so to access the information for a player on Dominion Tower you use $player->dominion_tower->rank.

Combat levels

You can access both the standard combat level and the legacy combat level on a player object with the following methods, get_legacy_combat_level and get_combat_level.

Converting to Array

You can convert the player object to an array if you need to by calling the to_array method.


If you have any issues please raise them via github