An validation tool for arrays filled by foreign input

v1.2.1 2024-04-03 11:20 UTC


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TL;DR An validation tool for arrays filled by foreign input like forms, json data, query parameters etc. The name is from Old Norse language and means defender.


The usual way...

composer require tflori/verja


Initialize a container, set the input data, define filters and validators, validate the data, get the data.

$gate = new Verja\Gate();
    'username' => ['notEmpty', 'strLen:3:20'],
    'password' => ['notEmpty', 'strLen:8'],
    'email' => ['notEmpty', 'email'],

if ($gate->validate($_POST)) {
  // how ever your orm works..
  $user = new User($gate->getData());
} else {
  $errors = $gate->getErrors();

If you prefer auto completion you can of course pass objects:

use Verja\Validator;

    'username' => (new Field())
        ->addValidator(new Validator\NotEmpty())
        ->addValidator(new Validator\StrLen(3, 20)),
    'password' => [new Validator\NotEmpty(), new Validator\StrLen(8)],
    'email' => ['notEmpty', new App\Validator\DomainEmail('')]

For more information check the documentation on

Predefined Validators

In this library the following validators are included:

  • After: Value must be a date time after $dateTime
  • Alpha: Value must contain only alphabetical characters
  • AlphaNumeric: Value must contain only alphabetic and numeric characters
  • Before: Value must be a date time before $dateTime
  • Boolean: Value must be boolean
  • Between: Value must be between $min and $max
  • Contains: Value must contain $subString
  • CreditCard: Value must be a valid credit card number
  • DateTime: Value must be a valid date in $format
  • EmailAddress: Value must be a valid email address
  • Equals: Field must match field $opposide
  • InArray: Value must exist in $array
  • Integer: Value must be integer
  • IpAddress: Value must be a valid IP address of $version
  • IsArray: Value must be an array
  • NotEmpty: Value must not be empty
  • Numeric: Value must be numeric
  • PregMatch: Value must match regular expression $pattern
  • Slug: Value must contain only slug characters (a-z, 0-9, -, _)
  • StrLen: String length from value must be between $min and $max
  • Truthful: Converted to boolean the value must be true
  • Url: Value must be a valid URL

Predefined Filters

The following filters are included in this library:

  • Boolean: Converts integer and string values to boolean
  • ConvertCase: Converts case to $mode (upper, lower or title)
  • DateTime: Converts string from $format in DateTime object
  • Escape: Escape special characters for usage in html
  • Integer: Converts string values to integer
  • Numeric: Converts string values to float or integer
  • PregReplace: Replaces $pattern with $replace (replace can also be a callback)
  • Replace: Replaces $search in values with $replace
  • Trim: Trims $charcterMask from values