A minimalistic framework to connect different libraries within your application.

v1.0.0-rc.9 2023-09-19 19:13 UTC


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This is a minimalistic framework. The only thing this framework defines (for now) is how to configure the project, how to define special behaviour on an environment and how to bootstrap and run the application using a Kernel.


This framework is not the same as other frameworks. There is no fixed directory structure. No abstract controller or something else where we could help you developing your application.

Instead of concentrating on the way to develop your application the focus is a lean, fast and understandable application.

Because of this is not really a framework we built a community platform that helps you developing using no framework.


The example how to use this framework (or how to develop without a framework) is the ríki community platform .


You should really use the guide to learn more about this philosophic approach of php development.

Anyway you can install this library as any other library as well:

$ composer require tflori/riki-framework