library for console applications with input and output handling

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PHP library for console applications. It supports formatting of messages and tables as well input handling with choices.


Like all my libraries: only with composer

$ composer require tflori/hugga

Basic usage


$console = new Hugga\Console;
$name = $console->ask('What is your name?');
$console->line('${fg:white;bg:white;bold}Nice to meet you ' . $name . '!');

$console->line('You will see this', Hugga\Console::WEIGHT_NORMAL);
$console->line('You will not see this', Hugga\Console::WEIGHT_LOWER);
$console->line('No you can see this', Hugga\Console::WEIGHT_LOWER);
$console->line('But this is just a debug message', Hugga\Console::WEIGHT_DEBUG);
//    ['key' => 'value', 'recursive' => ['string', 42, null, true]],
//    Hugga\Console::DEBUG_PRETTY ^ Hugga\Console::DEBUG_COLOR
// );


There is no documentation yet except this api reference. For some examples also have a look at examples/test.php and try them yourself with php vendor/tflori/hugga/examples/test.php.

Also, there is an example how to create a paginated table with existing features in examples/paginated-table.php'.


Some features are still planned but a lot of features are available and they are enough for start and replacing symfony/console.

Output Handling

  • Drawings: a mechanism to stay at the end of your output while other output is printed above (clocks, progress bars etc.)
  • Weighted output: just output and hugga will handle if the user want's to see it or not (verbosity)
  • Formatting output: easy formatting with combined expression (example: ${red;bold}text${r})
  • Output tables: easy to use tables with a lot of formatting features:
    • Predefined format: configure the formatting once and for all later tables
    • Borders: enable or disable borders (borders inside: between rows)
    • Padding: left and right padding inside cells
    • Repeat headers: repeat headers every nth row
    • Header style: define styles used for headers
  • Progress bars: smooth progress bars with 8 steps (utf-8) and other formatting features:
    • Undetermined: throbber that spins between edges
    • Update rate: instead of define after how much steps the progressbar should update (symfony/console) you define how much time has to elapse before redrawing
    • Characters: change the characters used for the progress bar
    • Throbber: change the throbber used for undetermined progress bar
    • Floating point steps: use floating point numbers

Input Handling

  • InputObserver: directly access the keyboard without writing the output to console
  • EditLine fix: edit line (replacement for read line) can not read single key presses
  • ReadLine: use read line for reading from stdin if available
  • Read chars: read a specific amount of characters (multibyte safe)
  • Read until: read input until a specific string appears (example: \n.\n)
  • Simple question: a simple question with default value
  • Confirmation: a question with the choice between y(es) and n(o) (characters can be changed)
  • Choice: a question to choose between a list of options
    • Interactive by default: choose with cursor keys and select with enter using InputObserver
    • Return key: return the key instead of the value (default for assoc arrays)
    • Limit: change the limit of visible options (for interactive version)

Planned features

  • Debug output: output variables in a human readable format with highlighting
  • Interactive tables: scroll through tables using cursor keys and pagination