terminal42 deployer recipes

v7.0.0-rc.4 2022-01-13 13:39 UTC


terminal42 deployer recipes

This repository contains recipes to integrate with deployer.


composer require deployer/recipes terminal42/deployer-recipes:dev-main@dev --dev


Include recipes manually

Include recipes in your deploy.php file:

require 'recipe/contao.php';
require 'recipe/database.php';
require 'recipe/deploy.php';
require 'recipe/encore.php'; // or 'recipe/gulp.php';
require 'recipe/maintenance.php';

Bootstrap file

Copy deploy-hosts.yml to your project root and one of the bootstrap files as your deploy.php file:

  1. contao4-encore.php – Contao 4 setup with Encore for assets management
  2. contao4-gulp.php – Contao 4 setup with Gulp for assets management

Pro Tips

Disable releases

If you would like to disable the releases (e.g. for a dev system) you can do it simply by including the recipe:

require 'recipe/disable-releases.php';

Contao Manager

Although Contao Manager seems to be redundant if the system can be deployed, you may still want to install it e.g. for trakked.io. To do that, simply add the following task to the list:

task('deploy', [
    // …
+   'contao:download_manager'
    // …
])->desc('Deploy your project');

Database Helpers (Restore and release)

This collection provides a tasks to easily restore/release the database dev <-> live unidirectionally.

First, include the database-helpers.php recipe.

You can use the command dep database:retrieve example.com to download a database dump from remote (example.com) and overwrite the local database.

You can use the command dep database:release example.com to overwrite the remote (example.com) datbase with the local one.

Further Reading


Licensed under the MIT license.