PVC - A minimal P[HP] [M]VC framework

v0.9.3 2018-12-27 13:27 UTC

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Last update: 2020-08-27 17:28:37 UTC


Lean P[HP] [M]VC framework using well-tried concepts in PHP.

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Beside controllers, an event dispatcher and a PHP two step view including view helpers and extensions PVC supports the following standards:

  • PSR-7 HTTP message implementation
  • PSR-15 HTTP server-side middlewares
  • PSR-17 HTTP factories implementation

Others are planned.


  • PHP 7.2
  • Composer
  • [Docker]



It is recommended to install PVC with Composer.

$ composer create-project tebe/pvc myproject


You can run the included example website with PHP's built-in server or Docker.

PHP built-in server

Run the following command in terminal to start localhost web server:

$ cd myproject/example/public
$ php -S localhost:9999

Start your web browser and open http://localhost:9999

Stop the server by entering CTRL+C.


Start the example application stack using Docker Compose:

$ cd myproject
$ docker-compose up -d

Start your web browser and open http://localhost:9090

Stop the application stack:

$ cd myproject
$ docker-compose down


The example is using some middlewares.

For the BasicAuth middleware the Login details are:

Username: user
Password: pass 

You're ready to go!

Testing & Code quality

We've integrated several Composer scripts to ensure code quality.

# Using PHPUnit
$ composer phpunit

# Using PHP-Codesniffer
$ composer phpcs

# Fixing Codesniffer issues
$ composer phpcbf

# Using both together
$ composer test

Continuous Integration

PVC is using Travis for Continuous Integration.


MIT License


Any suggestions? Open an issue.