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Currently a work in progress so nothing is even close to guaranteed to work and will periodically fail

Package Status and Goals

  • Build NCCOs
  • Implement a very simple IVR builder
  • Handle answering voice calls
  • Route calls to correct IVR menu
  • Handle incoming SMS
  • Handle outgoing SMS
  • Very simple real time SMS chat (being partially redone)
  • Handle input from IVR steps properly


Using composer

$ composer require taylornetwork/laravel-nexmo

Migrate Tables

$ php artisan migrate

Publish Assets

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="TaylorNetwork\\LaravelNexmo\\NexmoServiceProvider"

Will publish config, migrations and js (vue) components.

    + ncco.php
        + 2020_04_03_000000_create_calls_table.php
        + 2020_04_03_000001_create_ivrs_table.php
        + 2020_04_03_000002_create_ivr_steps_table.php
        + 2020_04_07_000003_create_sms_table.php
		        + IvrBuilder.vue
			+ IvrMenu.vue
			+ IvrApp.vue
		    Sms/ (not up to date)
		        + Messenger.vue
			+ ComposeSms.vue
                + laravel-nexmo.js

If you're going to be using the included vue components, see Vue Components.

Add your Vonage (Nexmo) information

In your .env add the following lines

NEXMO_NUMBER=(Your Number)

Setup your Vonage (Nexmo) Application

You will need to login to your linked application and set your webhooks.

Run php artisan route:list should add the following routes:

| URI                             | Action                                                                         |
| api/nexmo/call/answer           | TaylorNetwork\LaravelNexmo\Controllers\API\CallController@answer               |
| api/nexmo/call/ivr/{ivr}/answer | TaylorNetwork\LaravelNexmo\Controllers\API\CallController@answerWithIvr        |
| api/nexmo/event/update          | TaylorNetwork\LaravelNexmo\Controllers\API\EventController@handleEventUpdate   |
| api/nexmo/sms/inbound           | TaylorNetwork\LaravelNexmo\Controllers\API\SmsController@handleInboundMessage  |
| api/nexmo/sms/outbound          | TaylorNetwork\LaravelNexmo\Controllers\API\SmsController@handleOutboundMessage |
| api/nexmo/sms/{sms}/send        | TaylorNetwork\LaravelNexmo\Controllers\API\SmsController@send                  |

Assign your webhooks to the corressponding URLs.

Prepare for Incoming Calls

You'll need to either (A) create a new IVR menu or (B) override the answer method.

Create a new IVR menu

Currently no easy way to do this other than adding the entries manually.

Override answer method

By default the package will look for App\Http\Controllers\Api\CallController

This is customizable by publishing config.

namespace App\Http\Controllers\Api;

use Illuminate\Routing\Controller;
use Illuminate\Http\JsonResponse;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;

class CallController extends Controller
	public function answer(Request $request): JsonResponse
		// Must respond with a JSON response.


NccoBuilder Class

Can be called using the NccoBuilder facade or by creating a new instance.

Action Methods

All the NCCO actions are their own method. See NCCO Reference Each action method will have a required parameter that will match the required parameter in the NCCO reference. All other options can be added in the second optional array parameter.

Action methods always return the NccoBuilder instance, so you can chain any additional methods.

For example:

// Default talk action

// Talk with different voice
$builder->talk('Hi there!', [ 'voiceName' => 'Joey' ]);

// Connect to another phone
$builder->connect([ 'type' => 'phone', 'number' => '19998887777' ]);

// Start recording

Additonal Methods

addAction(string $action, array $options = [])

Will add the action provided with the given options.

All the action methods call this method.

$builder->addAction('talk', [ 'text' => 'Hello!' ]);

append(array $data)

Appends to the end of the NCCO stack.

prepend(array $data)

Prepends to the beginning of the NCCO stack.

getNcco() and ncco()

Returns the NCCO array.

getJsonNcco() and json()

Returns the NCCO as JSON.

buildResponse(int $httpStatus = 200)

Builds and returns an Illuminate\Http\JsonResponse with the NCCO and provided HTTP status code.

respond(int $httpStatus = 200)

Returns the built response from buildResponse()

Call Model

The TaylorNetwork\LaravelNexmo\Models\Call model handles the incoming calls and their statuses and prices.

Ivr Model

The TaylorNetwork\LaravelNexmo\Models\Ivr model handles what the caller hears and what happens when they call in.

Each Ivr model has many IvrSteps which handle everything.

You can build the IVR menu by using the build() or respond() method.


Will build the entire NCCO for the menu and return the NCCO as an array.


Will convert the built menu from the build() method and convert it to an Illuminate\Http\JsonResponse

In your controller you can do something like:

public function incomingIvr(Ivr $ivr, Request $request) 
	return $ivr->respond();

IvrStep Model

The TaylorNetwork\LaravelNexmo\Models\IvrStep model has the action, options and order of it in the corresponding IVR menu.

Sms Model

The TaylorNetwork\LaravelNexmo\Models\Sms model handles all incoming and outgoing SMS messages, including actually sending the messages.


Calling this method will send the message if it's hasn't been sent yet, as long as it's an outgoing message.

Vue Components


If you're going to be using the included Vue components you'll need to make sure you have all the required dependencies.

$ npm install --save vue vue-template-compiler axios pusher-js v-jsoneditor

Or import into your package.json

 "dependencies": {
    "vue": "^2.6.11",
    "vue-template-compiler": "^2.6.11",
    "axios": "^0.19.2",
    "pusher-js": "^5.1.1",
    "v-jsoneditor": "^1.2.3"

Set your Pusher app key in laravel-nexmo.js

// laravel-nexmo.js

window.pusherInstance = new Pusher('your-pusher-app-key', {
    cluster: 'us2',
    forceTLS: true,
    encrypted: true,

Require laravel-nexmo.js in your app.js file after window.Vue = require('vue'); and before creating a new Vue instance.

// app.js

window.Vue = require('vue');

// This assumes your app.js file is at resources/js

const app = new Vue({
    el: '#app',


The IvrApp component will allow you to create and edit IVR menus and steps


Where $ivr is an instance of TaylorNetwork\LaravelNexmo\Models\Ivr


The ComposeSms component is an easy starting point to send an SMS to a number using the nexmo number you've previously set up.



The Messenger component is a very basic chat app using Pusher.

<!-- Minimum -->
<messenger number="(number of the person the chat is with NOT your number)"></messenger>

<!-- With a contact name -->
<messenger number="(contact's number)" name="(contact's name)"></messenger>

<!-- With a contact name and existing messages -->
<messenger number="(contact's number)" name="(contact's name)" :messages="{{ $loadedMessagesFromDatabase }}"></messenger>