Laravel Package for Nexmo's PHP Client

1.0.0-beta4 2017-04-19 02:43 UTC


This is a simple Laravel Service Provider providing access to the Nexmo PHP Client Library.


To install the PHP client library using Composer:

composer require nexmo/laravel 

Important note: While the client library is in beta, requiring nexmo/client specifically avoids changing the minimum-stability in your composer.json.

Alternatively, add these two lines to your composer require section:

"nexmo/laravel": "0.4.0"

Then add Nexmo\Laravel\NexmoServiceProvider to the providers array in your config/app.php:


If you want to use the facade interface, you can use the facade class when needed:

use Nexmo\Laravel\Facade\Nexmo;

Or add an alias in your config/app.php:

'Nexmo' => \Nexmo\Laravel\Facade\Nexmo::class


You can use artisan vendor:publish to copy the distribution configuration file to your app's config directory:

php artisan vendor:publish

Then update config/nexmo.php with your credentials. You can also update your .env file with the following:

NEXMO_KEY = my_api_key
NEXMO_SECRET = my_secret


To use the Nexmo Client Library you can use the facade, or request the instance from the service container:

    'to' => '14845551244',
    'from' => '16105552344',
    'text' => 'Using the facade to send a message.'


$nexmo = app('Nexmo\Client');
    'to' => '14845551244',
    'from' => '16105552344',
    'text' => 'Using the instance to send a message.'

For more information on using the Nexmo client library, see the official client library repository.