EntityAudit Module for Zend Framework2 , Doctrine2 and web interface

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It is a ZF2 module , about 42kb sized , plug and play architecture , super fast & super easy to use , Its job to audit Doctrine 2 entities in ZF2 and provide web interface to browse the audit log , inspired by https://github.com/simplethings/EntityAudit.


Version 0.1 Stable :

please refer to the documentation page

Version 0.2 Stable :

this versions is currently good for production please refer to the documentation page

Upgrading :

It has a simple console script that will you to upgrade between 0.1 to 0.2 , I had use it in production & successfully upgraded about 10000 revisions . please refer to the documentation page

PHP Unit Testing :

ZF2EntityAudit tests are executed on every commit on Travis-ci.org againt both MYSQL & Sqlite with 94% code coverage .

Support :

Please don't be shy and share me with your problems & ideas about this module , I will be more than happy to hear form you . feel free to submit bugs to github issue tracker , via @tawfekov or via tawfekov@gmail.com