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    ## Introduction Send SMS messages using Unifonic Messaging API. Get your dedicated Universal number, and start sending messages today. Unifonic NextGen Restful and HTTP **API's** uses The basic Authentication protocol. All request and response bodies are formatted in JSON. ## Get an account To start using the API you need to send an email to Unifonic to create Appsid for you. ## Base URL All URLs referenced in the documentation have the following base: **basic.unifonic.com** ## Security To ensure privacy we recommend you to use HTTPS for all Unifonic API requests. you can download our HTTPS certificate. [Download] (https://api.unifonic.com/udm/https.zip) ## Formats Unifonic API only supports JSON format. All request must use the Content-type header set to application/json. ## Support We’re here to help! Get in touch with support at <support@unifonic.com> and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can or you can contact us throw live chat on our [website] (www.unifonic.com).

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    ZF2 helper libaray for dealing with arabic language

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    ConfigureTech Inc Configurator Module

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    Unique Id generator inspired by mongodb object id

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    Add TwiML Support to magento order/shipment/invoice events

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    EntityAudit Module for Zend Framework2 , Doctrine2 and web interface

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    tcpdf module for ZF2

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    Yellow Bitcoin Payment SDK

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    helper library for dealing with arabic language

    Abandoned! See khaled.alshamaa/ar-php