Persistent user-specific settings for CodeIgniter 4

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Persistent user-specific settings for CodeIgniter 4

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Quick Start

  1. Install with Composer: > composer require --dev tatter/preferences
  2. Load the helper: helper('preferences');
  3. Use the function to get and set: $theme = preference('theme'); preference('theme', 'dark');


Preferences is a wrapper for CodeIgniter Settings to provide user context to each setting. This allows you to get and set preferences on a per-user basis with a single command.


Install easily via Composer to take advantage of CodeIgniter 4's autoloading capabilities and always be up-to-date:

  • > composer require tatter/preferences

Or, install manually by downloading the source files and adding the directory to app/Config/Autoload.php.

Once the files are downloaded and included in the autoload, run any library migrations to ensure the database is set up correctly:

  • > php spark migrate -all

Preferences suggests the Composer provision for codeigniter4/authentication-implementation as describe in the CodeIgniter authentication guidelines. Without this each preference will be limited to the session duration so it is highly recommended you install and configure a supported package.


Preferences requires CodeIgniter Settings so you may use all the same classes and functions described in its documentation as well. To access the user-specific context settings call the preference() function anywhere you would normally use setting():

class Home extends Controller
    public function index()
        return view('welcome', [
            'icon' => preference('Users.avatar'),

    public function update_avatar()
        if ($icon = $this->request->getPost('icon')) {
            prefernece('Users.avatar', $icon);

        return redirect()->back();

Note: Be sure to load the helper file (helper('preferences')) before using the helper function.

preference() will retrieve and store contextual settings for the current authenticated user. If no user is authenticated then it will fall back on the Session class with semi-persistent settings for as long as the session lasts.

Placeholder Config

In most cases each setting should have a corresponding Config file. Sometimes these settings will not fit under an existing logical grouping, so this library provides a "placeholder" Config (Tatter\Preferences\Config\Preferences). You may add your own version in *app/ to supply default values:


namespace Config;

class Preferences extends \Tatter\Preferences\Config\Preferences
     * Slug for the current user theme.
    public string $theme = 'midnight';

Any function calls with the class unspecified will reference the Preferences class:

// Identical calls:
$theme = preference('Preferences.theme');
$theme = preference('theme');

Hint: Don't forget that libraries and modules can provide Config properties via Registrars


Preferences is a very "thin" library conjoining Settings and your authentication library of choice. Most likely any issues are related to one of the underlying libraries and should be directed there, but if you believe there is a problem or a feature request appropriate to this repository then feel free to open an Issue or Pull Request.