Mock authentication for CodeIgniter 4

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Mock authentication for CodeIgniter 4

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Quick Start

  1. Install with Composer: > composer require --dev tatter/imposter
  2. Access via the service: $user = service('auth')->user();


Imposter provides a thin authentication layer for testing your CodeIgniter apps that require authentication. This library is for testing purposes only. The tiny footprint and easy-to-use interfaces make it ideal for handling mock authentication in a rapid way.

Imposter fulfills all the CodeIgniter authentication guidelines and thus supplies the Composer provision for codeigniter4/authentication-implementation.


Install easily via Composer to take advantage of CodeIgniter 4's autoloading capabilities and always be up-to-date:

  • > composer require tatter/imposter

Or, install manually by downloading the source files and adding the directory to app/Config/Autoload.php.


Use the service to log a user in or out.


The current status can be checked by getting the ID or User; both will be null if no user is authenticated.

if ($user = service('auth')->user()) {
    echo 'Logged in!';

You may also load the helper to use the user_id() convenience method as outlined in the CodeIgniter authentication guidelines.


if ($userId = user_id()) {
    return true;

throw new RuntimeException('You must be authenticated!');


Imposter comes with a minimal set of classes to be fully compatible with Tatter\Users. This means that any project or library which uses the interfaces from Tatter\Users can be tested using Imposter without the need of an actual authentication library or even a database.

User Entity

The Tatter\Imposter\Entities\User entity class implements all three entity interfaces from Tatter\Users: UserEntity, HasGroup, and HasPermission. Use it like any regular entity, except that the $groups and $permissions atributes are simple CSV casts for storing your entity relationships:

$user = new \Tatter\Imposter\Entities\User();
$user->groups = ['Administrators', 'Editors'];

Imposter Factory

The ImposterFactory class allows UserProvider to use the Imposter classes automatically during testing. To enable ImposterFactory add it to the list of providers during your test's setUp or setUpBeforeClass phase:


use CodeIgniter\Test\CIUnitTestCase;
use Tatter\Imposter\Factories\ImposterFactory;
use Tatter\Users\UserProvider;

final class UserWidgetTest extends CIUnitTestCase
    public static function setUpBeforeClass(): void
        UserProvider::addFactory(ImposterFactory::class, ImposterFactory::class);

Because Imposter is a database-free solution UserFactory has its own local storage for User entities. Use the static methods to manipulate the storage to stage your tests:

  • index() - Gets the current index of the store
  • add(User $user) - Adds a Tatter\Imposter\Entities\User object to the store, returning the new index
  • reset() - Resets the store and the index
  • fake() - Returns a new Tatter\Imposter\Entities\User object using Faker's generated data (note: not added to the store)

For example:

    protected function setUp(): void

        $user = ImposterFactory::fake();
        $user->permissions = ['widgets.create'];

        $this->userId = ImposterFactory::index();

    protected function tearDown(): void


    public testUserCanCreateWidget()
        $user = service('users')->findById($this->userId);