Developer tools for CodeIgniter 4

v2.0.1 2022-07-04 13:38 UTC


Developer tools for CodeIgniter 4

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  • Install via Composer: > composer require tatter/tools


Tools is an opinionated wrapper for the CodeIgniter DevKit. It includes a script to apply the DevKit to libraries (instead of the default, for projects) and some custom updates to the template files.


See the DevKit docs for a complete list of bundled tools.


Applying Toolkit

Apply the development toolkit using the bash script from the directory where you wish it to apply:

  • ./vendor/tatter/tools/src/retool ... or:
  • composer retool

Spark Autocomplete

Tools includes a directive for Bash's Programmable Completion to allow tab-completing spark commands from the command-line. Simply copy src/spark_completion to you Bash completions directory as "spark" and re-source your environment (i.e. log out & in):

sudo cp src/spark_completion /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/spark

Now when accessing commands for in CodeIgniter 4 you can autocomplete against the list of available commands for your instance:

> ./spark mi
> ./spark migrate
migrate           migrate:create    migrate:refresh   migrate:rollback  migrate:status