File uploads and management, for CodeIgniter 4

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File uploads and management, for CodeIgniter 4

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Quick Start

  1. Install with Composer: > composer require tatter/files
  2. Migrate the database: > php spark migrate -all
  3. Seed the database: > php spark db:seed "Tatter\Files\Database\Seeds\FileSeeder"
  4. Start managing files: https://example.com/files

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The Files module is a self-contained set of routes and functions that adds uploading and CRUD controls to any project. It uses DropzoneJS for drag-and-drop uploads, and supports a number of extensions for generating file thumbnails and exporting files to various destinations.


Install easily via Composer to take advantage of CodeIgniter 4's autoloading capabilities and always be up-to-date:

  • > composer require tatter/files

Or, install manually by downloading the source files and adding the directory to app/Config/Autoload.php.

Once the files are downloaded and included in the autoload, run any library migrations to ensure the database is setup correctly:

  • > php spark migrate -all

Finally, run the seeder to install necessary database settings: php spark db:seed "Tatter\Files\Database\Seeds\FileSeeder"

NOTE: If your project is part of a tracking repository you probably want to add the file storage to your .gitignore


Configuration (optional)

The library's default behavior can be altered by extending its config file. Copy examples/Files.php to app/Config/ and follow the instructions in the comments. If no config file is found in app/Config the library will use its own.


Default routes:

  • files/index - If user is allowed mayList() then shows all files, otherwise tries to fall back to the current logged in user
  • files/user/{userId} - Shows files for a single user; if no user ID is supplied it defaults to the current logged in user
  • files/thumbnail/{fileId} - Displays the thumbnail for a file


  • files/new - Basic Dropzone form
  • files/upload - Accepts AJAX upload requests from Dropzone
  • files/delete/{fileId} - Removes a file
  • files/rename/{fileId} - Accepts POST data to rename a file

Available formats:

  • ?format=cards - Default view with thumbnail on responsive layout
  • ?format=list - An efficient list of files in table format
  • ?format=select - Can be used to create selectable files, e.g. as part of a form

Access control

This library uses Tatter\Permits to control access to files, both generally (list, create) and specifically per user or group. The super-permit mayAdmin() can be added to a user or group for global file access.

By default the files/ routes are available as soon as the module is installed. In most cases you will want to use Route Filters to restrict some or all of the routes.


Controllers/Files.php is the heart of the module, using cascading options to choose which files to display when. This controller has a setData() method to allow you to intercept this process to provide your own settings at any point. Simply extend the controller to your own and then provide whatever changes you would like, followed by the display() method. E.g.:

<?php namespace App\Controller;

class WidgetFiles
	public function index($widgetId)
			'format' => 'cards',
			'files'  => model(WidgetModel::class)->getFiles($widgetId),
			'layout' => 'manage',

		return $this->display();

These are the default options for setData(), but you may also supply anything else you need in your view:

  • source - The name of the controller method making the call
  • layout - The view layout to use (see Config/Files.php)
  • files - An array of Files to display
  • selected - Files to pre-select (for the select format)
  • userId - ID of a user to filter for Files`
  • username - Display name of the user for the default layout title
  • ajax - Whether to process the request as an AJAX call (skips layout wrapping)
  • search - Search term to filter Files
  • sort - File sort field
  • order - File sort order
  • format - Display format for files (cards, list, select, or your own!)
  • perPage - Number of items to display per page
  • page - Page number (leave null for default Pager handling)
  • pager - Pager instance to handle pagination
  • access - Whether the files can be modified, "manage" or "display"
  • exports - Destinations a File may be sent to (see Tatter\Exports)
  • bulks - Bulk destinations for a group of Files (see Tatter\Exports)