File uploads and management, for CodeIgniter 4

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Last update: 2020-09-26 01:29:25 UTC


File uploads and management, for CodeIgniter 4

Quick Start

  1. Install with Composer: > composer require tatter/files
  2. Migrate the database: > php spark migrate -all
  3. Seed the database: > php spark db:seed "Tatter\Files\Database\Seeds\FileSeeder"
  4. Start managing files: https://[yourdomain.com]/files


The Files module is a self-contained set of routes and functions that adds uploading and CRUD controls to any project. It uses DropzoneJS for drag-and-drop uploads, and supports a number of extensions for directing files to other locations (WIP).


Install easily via Composer to take advantage of CodeIgniter 4's autoloading capabilities and always be up-to-date:

  • > composer require tatter/files

Or, install manually by downloading the source files and adding the directory to app/Config/Autoload.php.

Once the files are downloaded and included in the autoload, run any library migrations to ensure the database is setup correctly:

  • > php spark migrate -all

Finally, run the seeder to install necessary database settings: php spark db:seed "Tatter\Files\Database\Seeds\FileSeeder"

NOTE: If your project is part of a tracking repository you probably want to add the file storage to your .gitignore


Configuration (optional)

The library's default behavior can be altered by extending its config file. Copy bin/Files.php to app/Config/ and follow the instructions in the comments. If no config file is found in app/Config the library will use its own.


Default routes:

  • files/index - If user is allowed mayList() then shows all files, otherwise tries to fall back to the current logged in user
  • files/user - Shows files for a single user; if no user ID is supplied it defaults to the current logged in user

Available formats:

  • ?format=cards - Default view with thumbnail on responsive layout
  • ?format=list - An efficient list of files in table format
  • ?format=select - Can be used to create selectable files, e.g. as part of a form

Access control

This library uses Tatter\Permits to control access to files, both generally (list, create) and specifically per user or group. The super-permit mayAdmin() can be added to a user or group for global file access.

By default the files/ routes are available as soon as the module is installed. In most cases you will want to use Route Filters to restrict some or all of the routes.