calculate relative path to path

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Calculate a relative path to path


Get the Relative path.

This package make you get a relative path to a target.

Equivalent to GNU realpath

This package intended to same to GNU coreuitls realpath --relative-to.

Installing from github.

composer config repositories.takuya/php-relative-path vcs https://github.com/takuya/php-relative-path
composer config minimum-stability dev
composer require takuya/php-relative-path

Installing from packagist.

composer require takuya/php-relative-path
composer install

Usage example.

This package provides a function relative_path() to your composer project.


require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';
$ret = relative_path('/etc/nginx/sites-available', '/etc/nginx/sites-enabled');

example:02 file path


require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';
$from = '/etc/nginx/sites-available/example.com';
$to   = '/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/example.com';
$ret = relative_path( dirname($from),  dirname($to));

run tests

composer install
composer dumpautoload
rm tests/sample-data.json

tests results sample.

Test No.01 :        ./tests/Units relative-to ./tests              is Units
Test No.02 :          tests/Units relative-to ./tests              is Units
Test No.03 :        ./tests/Units relative-to tests                is Units
Test No.04 :          tests/Units relative-to tests                is Units
Test No.05 :              ./tests relative-to ./tests/Units        is ..
Test No.06 :                tests relative-to ./tests/Units        is ..
Test No.07 :              ./tests relative-to tests/Units          is ..
Test No.08 :                tests relative-to tests/Units          is ..
Test No.09 :        /usr/bin/bash relative-to /usr/local/bin       is ../../bin/bash
Test No.10 :        /usr/bin/bash relative-to /usr/local/bin/      is ../../bin/bash
Test No.11 :             /usr/bin relative-to /usr/local/bin/      is ../../bin
Test No.12 :                /usr/ relative-to /usr/local/bin/      is ../..
Test No.13 :                 /usr relative-to /usr/local/bin/      is ../..
Test No.14 :                    / relative-to /usr/local/bin       is ../../..
Test No.15 :         /usr/bin/php relative-to /usr/local/bin/      is ../../bin/php
Test No.16 :        /usr/bin/bash relative-to /usr/local/bin/      is ../../bin/bash