A slack adapter for error reporting

1.0.2 2014-12-07 23:38 UTC


Report errors directly to slack for quick fixes.

We use this only on our production environments. By the time the code gets deployed, in theory, it should never throw any errors or exceptions. When it does, it's important enough that we instantly get notified.


Install via composer. Installation help and versions at Packagist


Once you create the SlackErrorReporter, it will register an error handler and an exception handler. Those will take care of everything popping up to them.

use TailoredTunes\SlackNotifier;
use TailoredTunes\SlackErrorReporter;

$slackWebhookUrl = "http://team.slack.com/whatever";

$slack = new SlackNotifier($slackWebhookUrl);
$usernameForMessage = $_ENV['WEB_NODE_NAME'];
new SlackErrorReporter($slack, $usernameForMessage, '#errors', '#exceptions');