TYPO3 CMS extension to create page lists. comes with special page types for articles, events and products.

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2.5.0 2021-03-07 17:24 UTC

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Last update: 2021-09-25 13:41:44 UTC


Packagist Software License Brightside

TYPO3 CMS extension to list pages, news, events, products etc.

Adds new content elements and page types to create different lists.

Front-end Demo

System requirements

  • TYPO3 8.7 LTS, since 2.2.0 9.5 & 10.4 LTS
  • fluid_styled_content

Conflicts with

  • t3g/blog


  • Custom page types for articles, events and products
  • List of sub pages
  • List of selected pages
  • List of pages in category
  • Set start from, limit and sort options
  • Enable pagination with items per page
  • Dedicated page types for news, events and products
  • Connection to ext:Personnel for authors and contact persons
  • ext:Personnel fields can be enabled/disabled per page type
  • Easy to add custom templates
  • Exclude pages from lists


  • From TER: pagelist, or composer: t3brightside/pagelist
  • Include static template
  • Enable page types for news, events, and products from extension configuration
  • Recommended for author records ext:Personnel / t3brightside/personnel


Add as any other content element. Select desired pages, template and options in content element settings.


Add custom template


Add new template number '2' and name it:

TCEFORM.tt_content.tx_pagelist_template.addItems {
  2 = My New Template


Change constants:

pagelist.styles = EXT:pagelist/Resources/Public/Styles/pagelist.css
pagelist.templateRootPaths = EXT:pagelist/Resources/Private/Templates/
pagelist.partialRootPaths = EXT:pagelist/Resources/Private/Partials/


Add new section wheres IF condition determines template nr '2' to: Resources/Private/Templates/Pagelist.html

<f:if condition="{data.tx_pagelist_template} == 2">
  <div class="pagelist custom template-{data.tx_pagelist_template}">
    <f:for each="{pagelist}" as="page" iteration="iterator">
      <f:render partial="MyCustomPartial" arguments="{_all}" />

Create new partial: Resources/Private/Partials/MyCustomPartial.html

Route enhancers for pagination

    type: Plugin
    routePath: '/page/{@widget_0/currentPage}'
    namespace: 'tx_pagelist_pagelist'
        type: StaticRangeMapper
        start: '1'
        end: '999'

Known issues

Doesn't fully comply with the language modes. Does not respect '[FE][hidePagesIfNotTranslatedByDefault] = true' as 'TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\DataProcessing\DatabaseQueryProcessor' does not fully respect language modes while selecting pages yet.


Development and maintenance

Brightside OÜ – TYPO3 development and hosting specialised web agency