Swiss knife in pocket of every upgrade architect

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Swiss knife in pocket of every upgrade architect!


composer require rector/swiss-knife --dev


1. Check your Code for Git Merge Conflicts

Do you use Git? Then merge conflicts is not what you want in your code ever to see in pushed code:

<<<<<<< HEAD

Add this command to CI to spot these:

vendor/bin/swiss-knife check-conflicts .

Note: The /vendor directory is excluded by default.

2. Detect Commented Code

Have you ever forgot commented code in your code?

//      foreach ($matches as $match) {
//           $content = str_replace($match[0], $match[2], $content);
//      }

No more! Add this command to CI to spot these:

vendor/bin/swiss-knife check-commented-code <directory>
vendor/bin/swiss-knife check-commented-code packages --line-limit 5

3. Reach full PSR-4

Find multiple classes in single file

To make PSR-4 work properly, each class must be in its own file. This command makes it easy to spot multiple classes in single file:

vendor/bin/swiss-knife find-multi-classes src

Update Namespace to match PSR-4 Root

Is your class in wrong namespace? Make it match your PSR-4 root:

vendor/bin/swiss-knife namespace-to-psr-4 src --namespace-root "App\\"

This will update all files in your /src directory, to starts with App\\ and follow full PSR-4 path:

 # file path: src/Repository/TalkRepository.php

-namespace Model;
+namespace App\Repository;


4. Finalize classes without children

Do you want to finalize all classes that don't have children?

vendor/bin/swiss-knife finalize-classes src tests

Do you use mocks but not bypass final yet?

vendor/bin/swiss-knife finalize-classes src tests --skip-mocked

This will keep mocked classes non-final, so PHPUnit can extend them internally.

5. Dependency tools speed testing

Do you want to test speed of your dependency tools? E.g. if PHPStan or Rector got slower after upgrade?

  1. Prepare a script in composer.json
    "scripts": {
        "phpstan": "vendor/bin/phpstan analyse src --level 8"
  1. Run past X versions and measure time and memory
vendor/bin/swiss-knife speed-run-tool phpstan/phpstan --script-name phpstan --run-count 5

Happy coding!