Shop API for Sylius E-Commerce.

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Sylius Shop API

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This repository contains a plugin that extends the Sylius eCommerce platform with an API in JSON that allows performing all standard shop operations from the customer perspective.


The latest documentation is available here. If you are looking for more information how the system works have a look at the cookbook


IMPORTANT NOTE: Before installing SyliusShopApiPlugin, you should disable all SyliusShopBundle's dependencies. You cannot use these packages together.

  1. Run composer require sylius/shop-api-plugin and, when asked if you want to execute the Flex recipe, answer 'Yes'.

  2. Extend config files:

    1. Add SyliusShopApi to config/bundles.php.
    // config/bundles.php
        return [
            Sylius\ShopApiPlugin\SyliusShopApiPlugin::class => ['all' => true],
    1. Add - { path: '^/shop-api', priorities: ['json'], fallback_format: json, prefer_extension: true } to fos_rest.format_listener.rules section in config/packages/fos_rest.yaml file and import config from Plugin.
    # config/packages/_sylius_shop_api.yaml
    imports: # <-- Add this section if it does not already exist and add the lines below
        # ...
        - { resource: "@SyliusShopApiPlugin/Resources/config/app/config.yml" }
        - { resource: "@SyliusShopApiPlugin/Resources/config/app/sylius_mailer.yml" }
    # config/packages/fos_rest.yaml
        # ...
                - { path: '^/shop-api', priorities: ['json'], fallback_format: json, prefer_extension: true } # <-- Add this
                - { path: '^/api', priorities: ['json', 'xml'], fallback_format: json, prefer_extension: true }
                - { path: '^/', stop: true }
    1. Add new routes file to import routes from the SyliusShopApiPlugin
    # config/routes/sylius_shop_api.yaml
        resource: "@SyliusShopApiPlugin/Resources/config/routing.yml"
    1. Configure firewall
      1. Change parameter to exclude shop-api prefix also
      2. Add ShopAPI regex parameter "^/shop-api"
      3. Add ShopAPI firewall config:
    # config/packages/security.yaml
        # ...
    "^/(?!admin|api/.*|api$|shop-api|media/.*)[^/]++" # shop-api has been added inside the brackets "^/shop-api"
    # ... 
            // ...
                pattern: ""
                stateless: true
                anonymous: true
                provider: sylius_shop_user_provider
                    check_path: /shop-api/login
                    username_path: email
                    password_path: password
                    success_handler: lexik_jwt_authentication.handler.authentication_success
                    failure_handler: lexik_jwt_authentication.handler.authentication_failure
                        - lexik_jwt_authentication.jwt_token_authenticator
       - { path: "", role: ROLE_USER}
       - { path: "", role: ROLE_USER}
    1. (optional) if you have installed nelmio/NelmioCorsBundle for Support of Cross-Origin Ajax Request,

      1. Add the NelmioCorsBundle to the AppKernel
      // config/bundles.php
      return [
          Nelmio\CorsBundle\NelmioCorsBundle::class => ['all' => true],
      1. Add the new configuration file
      # config/packages/nelmio_cors.yml
      # ...
              allow_credentials: false
              allow_origin: []
              allow_headers: []
              allow_methods: []
              expose_headers: []
              max_age: 0
              hosts: []
              origin_regex: false
              forced_allow_origin_value: ~
                  allow_origin: ['*']
                  allow_headers: ['Content-Type', 'authorization']
                  allow_methods: ['POST', 'PUT', 'GET', 'DELETE', 'PATCH', 'OPTIONS']
                  max_age: 3600
  3. Follow

Sample configuration of Shop API can be found here:

Additional features


If you would like to receive serialized attributes you need to define an array of theirs codes under sylius_shop_api.included_attributes key. E.g.

# config/packages/sylius_shop_api.yml

This plugin comes with an integration with LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle. More information about security customizations may be found there.


The application can be tested with API Test Case. In order to run test suite execute the following commands:

$ cp tests/Application/.env.test.dist tests/Application/.env.test
$ set -a && source tests/Application/.env.test && set +a
$ (cd tests/Application && bin/console doctrine:database:create -e test)
$ (cd tests/Application && bin/console doctrine:schema:create -e test)

$ vendor/bin/phpunit

The application can be also tested with PHPSpec:

$ vendor/bin/phpspec run

Security issues

If you think that you have found a security issue, please do not use the issue tracker and do not post it publicly. Instead, all security issues must be sent to


This library is officially maintained by Sylius together with the following contributors outside of the organization:

Release cycle

This projects follows Semantic Versioning. Shop API release cycle is independent from Sylius release cycle.

Next major releases are not planned yet. Minor and patch releases will be published as needed.

We provide bug fixes only for the most recent minor release. We provide security fixes for one year since the release of subsequent minor release.

Supported versions

Version Release date End of support
1.0 23rd Nov 2019 19th June 2021
1.1 19th June 2020 08th December 2020
1.2 08th December 2020 22th April 2021
1.2.1 22th April 2021 22th April 2021
1.3 22th April 2021 22th April 2021
1.3.1 22th April 2021 30th June 2021
1.4 30th June 2021 06th July 2021
1.4.1 06th July 2021 Under development