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Table of Contents

How to Contribute

Just open new pull requests (and we need unit tests for new features)

Code Requirements



  • 4.6.x: For Swoole 4.6, which supports PHP 7.2+
  • 4.5.x: For Swoole 4.5, which supports PHP 7.1+

Dockerized Local Development (Compose v2)

First, you need to build the base image:

docker compose build image

Then run the following command to autoload PHP classes/files (no extra Composer packages to be installed):

docker compose run --rm composer install

Secondly, run the next command to start Docker containers:

docker compose up

Alternatively, if you need to rebuild the service(s) and to restart the containers:

docker compose build image --no-cache
docker compose up --force-recreate

Now you can create an app's bash session:

docker compose exec app bash

And run commands inside the container:

composer test

Or you can tell to run it directly:

docker compose exec app composer test


Once you have Docker containers started (as discussed in previous section), you can use commands like following to run examples under folder examples.

Examples of Database Connection Pool

docker compose exec app php examples/mysqli/base.php
docker compose exec app php examples/pdo/base.php
docker compose exec app php examples/redis/base.php

Examples of FastCGI Calls

There is a fantastic example showing how to use Swoole as a proxy to serve a WordPress website using PHP-FPM. Just open URL in the browser and check what you see there. Source code of the example can be found here.

Here are some more examples to make FastCGI calls to PHP-FPM:

docker compose exec app php examples/fastcgi/greeter/call.php
docker compose exec app php examples/fastcgi/greeter/client.php
docker compose exec app php examples/fastcgi/proxy/base.php
docker compose exec app php examples/fastcgi/var/client.php

Compatibility Patch (Swoole version <= v4.4.12)

define('SWOOLE_USE_SHORTNAME', true); // or false (it depends on you)

Coding Style Checks and Fixes

To update Composer packages (optional):

docker compose run --rm composer update

To check coding standard violations:

docker compose run --rm composer cs-check

To correct coding standard violations automatically:

docker compose run --rm composer cs-fix

Third Party Libraries

Here are all the third party libraries used in this project:

You can find the licensing information of these third party libraries here.


This project follows the Apache 2 license.