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Last update: 2024-06-08 17:54:23 UTC


Nette has not any plugin or bundle management. If you want to split your application into multiple modules, you probably use the includes section of configuration files. This library will help you simplify this problem with a nice and simple way.


This library requires PHP 5.4 or higher. Hotplug is designed for Nette Framework currently for versions 2.3 and 2.4 (for more informations see releases).


The best way to install this library is using Composer:

$ composer require sw2eu/hotplug


Firstly, you will use Hotplug configurator in your bootstrap file instead of classic Nette\Configurator:

$configurator = new Sw2\Hotplug\Configurator;

Now you can define your plugin directory. I use slightly different structure, but it is fully configurable:

$configurator->addPluginDirectory(__DIR__ . '/../src/Plugins');
// place before

The hotplug configurator will search for any config/hotplug.neon in defined directory. For exaple:

  • src/Plugins/Admin/config/hotplug.neon,
  • src/Plugins/Cms/Page/config/hotplug.neon,
  • etc.

This search is cached, so it is processed only first time when you build container. If you want to add new plugin, you have to manually delete hotplug cache (in file temp/cache/_Sw2.Hotplug).

That's all! Now you can define your plugin.

Plugin Definition

Every plugin must have defined configuration file hotplug.neon. In this file, you work like in any configuration file for Nette framework (maybe you can read configuration section in documentation).

You can also use variable %pluginDir% for locating files in your plugin directory, for example assets.

Router Helpers

If you need add new router for your plugin, it is also supersimple. Hotplug is ready for this problem. In your application config define main application router like this:

# main application config
    router: Sw2\Hotplug\Routers\RouterFactory::createRouter

Hotplug RouterFactory will search for any service with tag router. If you need to ensure sort of the routers, just name by alphabetic order. Or you can use naming conventions with sort number like this:

# this is in your hotplug.neon
	    class: Nette\Application\Routers\Route
	    arguments: ['<presenter>/<action>[/<id>]', 'Homepage:default']
	    autowired: FALSE
	    tags: [router]

Do not forget to set autowired to FALSE! If you need to add multiple routers and you want to define as RouteList, this library has a shortcut class Sw2\Hotplug\Routers\RouteList for this case:

# this is in your hotplug.neon
		class: Sw2\Hotplug\Routers\RouteList('Admin')
		autowired: FALSE
		tags: [router]
			- addRoute('admin/sign-in', 'Auth:signIn')
			- addRoute('admin/sign-out', 'Auth:signOut')
			- add(@otherRouterService)