Cookie Consent popover; easy, yet powerful

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v3.1.9 2021-03-29 13:41 UTC



  1. Add the package to the composer manifest: composer req supseven/supi.
  2. Include the TypoScript file EXT:supi/Configuration/TypoScript/setup.typoscript
  3. Include into the template with Typoscript cObject lib.elements.supi


Make every javascript a template by changing the type property to application/supi and add a data attribute named data-supi-cookies containing a list of the cookies it uses.

<-- eg: for Google Analytics -->
<script type="application/supi" data-supi-cookies="_ga">[google analytics snippet]</script>

The cookies in the data attribute must also be configured in TypoScript by adding them to the names property in the corect section.


Change/override the properties in plugin.tx_supi to customize. The sources for the Javascript and the CSS are Typescript and SCSS, which can be included in custom build piplines.

You can adjust most of the settings via scss variables or css variables. this will fit most of the usecases.

Cookie Livetime

Set different Cookie Lifetimes for Accessed or Denied Cookies. Defaults are:

  • 7 Days for dismissed Cookies
  • 30 Days for allowed Cookies

Change this Settings in Your TypoScript Config for Your needs.

Hide Overlay on Cookie Button Plugin

Set the Option settings.hideOverlayOnButtonCe = 1 to prevent showing the Overlay on a Page where the Plugin is inserted.

This may help Users to first read the data protection Page and decide then whether to accept or decline the Cookies.


GPL 3.0 or later