Listen to Supervisor events in PHP

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Listen to Supervisor events in PHP.


Via Composer

$ composer require supervisorphp/event


Supervisor has this pretty good feature: notify you(r listener) about it's events.

The main entry point is the Listener. Listenerss wait for a Handler in the main listening logic. Handlers get a Notification when an event occurs.

$handler = new \Supervisor\Event\Handler\CallbackHandler(function(\Supervisor\Event\Notification $notification) {
	echo $notification->getHeader('eventname');

$listener = new \Supervisor\Event\Listener\StandardListener;

Currently available listeners:

  • Standard: Listents to standard input stream, writes to standard output
  • Guzzle: Uses StreamInterface to provide an easy interface for reading/writting

Additionally you can use two exceptions to control the listeners itself:

  • Supervisor\Exception\StopListenerException: indicates that the Listener should stop listening for further events.
  • Supervisor\Exception\EventHandlingFailedException: indicates that handling the event failed, Listener should return with a FAIL response.

Any other unhandled exceptions/errors will cause the listener to stop.

Check the Supervisor docs for more about Events.


phpspec run


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