Manage Supervisor configuration in PHP

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Supervisor Configuration

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Manage Supervisor configuration in PHP.


Via Composer

composer require supervisorphp/configuration


Create a configuration using the builder.

$config = new \Supervisor\Configuration\Configuration;
$renderer = new \Indigo\Ini\Renderer;

$section = new \Supervisor\Configuration\Section\Supervisord(['identifier' => 'supervisor']);

$section = new \Supervisor\Configuration\Section\Program('test', ['command' => 'cat']);

echo $renderer->render($config->toArray());

The following sections are available in this package:

  • Supervisord
  • Supervisorctl
  • UnixHttpServer
  • InetHttpServer
  • Includes**
  • Group*
  • Program*
  • EventListener*
  • FcgiProgram*

*Note: These sections has to be instantiated with a name and optionally a properties array:

$section = new \Supervisor\Configuration\Section\Program('test', ['command' => 'cat']);

**Note: The keyword include is reserved in PHP, so the class name is Includes, but the section name is still include.

Existing configuration

You can parse your existing configuration, and use it as a Configuration object.

$loader = new \Supervisor\Configuration\Loader\IniFileLoader('/etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf');
$configuration = $loader->load();

Available loaders:

Writing configuration

You can use Writers to write configuration to various destinations.

$configuration = new \Supervisor\Configuration\Configuration;

// Modify configuration...

$writer = new \Supervisor\Configuration\Writer\IniFileWriter('/etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf');

Available writers:

You can find detailed info about properties for each section here:


composer ci


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.