A framework agnostic rate limiter for PHP

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A framework independent, flexible and highly extensible rate limiter for PHP.

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With Composer

It is best installed it through packagist by including sunspikes/php-ratelimiter in your project composer.json require:

    "require": {
        "sunspikes/php-ratelimiter":  "dev-master"

Without Composer

You can also download it from Github, but no autoloader is provided so you'll need to register it with your own PSR-4 compatible autoloader.



// 1. Make a rate limiter with limit 3 attempts in 10 minutes
$cacheAdapter = new DesarrollaCacheAdapter((new DesarrollaCacheFactory())->make());
$settings = new ElasticWindowSettings(3, 600);
$ratelimiter = new RateLimiter(new ThrottlerFactory($cacheAdapter), new HydratorFactory(), $settings);

// 2. Get a throttler for path /login 
$loginThrottler = $ratelimiter->get('/login');

// 3. Register a hit

// 4. Check if it reached the limit
if ($loginThrottler->check()) {
    // access permitted
} else {
    // access denied

// Or combine the steps 3 & 4
if ($loginThrottler->access()) {
    // access permitted
} else {
    // access denied

// To get the number of hits
print $loginThrottler->count(); // or count($throttler)


By default PHP Ratelimiter uses the desarolla2 cache adapter, the sample configuration provided in config/config.php

You can configure the drivers in config.php, for example to use memcache change the driver to 'memcache'

return [
    'default_ttl' => 3600,
    'driver'      => 'memcache',
    'memcache' => [


The PHP Ratelimiter is highly extensible, you can have custom adapters by implementing Sunspikes\Ratelimit\Cache\Adapter\CacheAdapterInterface

For example to use Doctrine cache adapter

class DoctrineCacheAdapter implements CacheAdapterInterface
    public function __construct($cache)
        $this->cache = $cache;
    // Implement the methods

// Build adapter using APC cache driver
$adapter = new DoctrineCacheAdapter(new \Doctrine\Common\Cache\ApcCache());

Also you can have custom hydrators by implementing Sunspikes\Ratelimit\Throttle\Hydrator\DataHydratorInterface

For example to use a Symfony Request object instead of custom URL for ratelimiting

class RequestHydrator implements DataHydratorInterface
    public function hydrate($data, $limit, $ttl)
        // Make the key string
        $key = $data->getClientIp() . $data->getPathInfo();

        return new Data($key, $limit, $ttl);

// Hydrate the request to Data object
$hydrator = new RequestHydrator();

Then decorate or extend the HydratorFactory to recognize your data

use Hydrator\FactoryInterface;

class MyHydratorFactory implements FactoryInterface
    private $defaultFactory;

    public function __construct(FactoryInterface $defaultFactory)
        $this->defaultFactory = $defaultFactory;

    public function make($data)
        if ($data instanceof Request) {
            return new RequestHydrator();

        return $this->defaultFactory->make($data);

Throttler types

Elastic Window

An elastic window throttler will allow X requests in Y seconds. Any further access attempts will be counted, but return false as status. Note that the window will be extended with Y seconds on every hit. This means there need to be no hits during Y seconds for the counter to be reset to 0.

See Overview example for instantiation.

Time-based throttlers

All the following throttlers use time functions, thus needing a different factory for construction:

$cacheAdapter = new DesarrollaCacheAdapter((new DesarrollaCacheFactory())->make());
$timeAdapter = new PhpTimeAdapter();

$throttlerFactory = new TimeAwareThrottlerFactory($cacheAdapter, $timeAdapter);
$hydratorFactory = new HydratorFactory();

//$settings = ...
$ratelimiter = new RateLimiter($throttlerFactory, $hydratorFactory, $settings);

Fixed Window

A fixed window throttler will allow X requests in the Y seconds since the first request. Any further access attempts will be counted, but return false as status. The window will not be extended at all.

// Make a rate limiter with limit 120 attempts per minute
$settings = new FixedWindowSettings(120, 60);

Moving Window

A moving window throttler will allow X requests during the previous Y seconds. Any further access attempts will be counted, but return false as status. The window is never extended beyond Y seconds.

// Make a rate limiter with limit 120 attempts per minute
$settings = new MovingWindowSettings(120, 60);

Leaky Bucket

A leaky bucket throttler will allow X requests divided over time Y.

Any access attempts past the threshold T (default: 0) will be delayed by Y / (X - T)

access() will return false if delayed, hit() will return the number of milliseconds waited

Note: Time limit for this throttler is in milliseconds, where it is seconds for the other throttler types!

// Make a rate limiter with limit 120 attempts per minute, start delaying after 30 requests
$settings = new LeakyBucketSettings(120, 60000, 30);

Retrial Queue

The retrial queue encapsulates another throttler. When this throttler receives a hit which would fail on the internal throttler, the request is delayed until the internal throttler has capacity again.

// Make a leaky bucket ratelimiter which delays any overflow
$settings = new RetrialQueueSettings(new LeakyBucketSettings(120, 60000, 120));


Krishnaprasad MG [@sunspikes]


Please feel free to send pull requests.


This is an open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.