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Extras for broadway CQRS / event sourcing library

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Extras for broadway CQRS / event sourcing library


composer require sunspikes/broadway-extras

What's inside?


StateManager: Use this to have multiple saga creation policies as defined in CreationPolicy or define custom creation policy with a closure callback creation_policy_callback

DBALSagaRepository: DBAL driver for sagas

DynamoDBSagaRepository: DynamoDB driver for sagas


SerializableAggregateInterface & SerializationAwareTrait: Make aggregates serializable (so that it can be snapshotted)


CachingSnapshotEventSourcingRepository: Adds a caching layer to snapshots, so load will get the aggregate in the order Static Cache -> Cache -> Snapshot -> Events

CacheSnapshotRepository & RedisCacheFactory: Snapshot the aggregates on in redis (or other cache stores)

DynamoDBEventStore: DynamoDB driver for event store


Detailed usage & Integrations with frameworks guide


Krishnaprasad MG [@sunspikes]

Contact me at [sunspikes at gmail dot com]