Chatwork API PHP client library

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Chatwork PHP API client library

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  • PHP >= 7.0
  • PHP cURL


Using composer:

composer require sun-asterisk/chatwork-php


You may register an API Token here.

Create a chatwork client with an api token or an access token:

use SunAsterisk\Chatwork\Chatwork;

$chatwork = Chatwork::withAPIToken('your-api-token');

// $chatwork = Chatwork::withAccessToken('your-access-token');

Use chatwork client methods as these examples below:

// Get your personal information.
$me = $chatwork->me();

// Get your personal tasks.
$tasks = $chatwork->my()->tasks();

// Get members in a room.
$members = $chatwork->room($roomId)->members();

API methods are organized similar to the official API doc e.g.

Message builder

There's a helper for easily creating message.

use SunAsterisk\Chatwork\Helpers\Message;

$message = new Message('Hi there')
    ->info('Cloudy', 'Weather today');

$chatwork->room($roomId)->messages()->create((string) $message);

You can also access it via a static method of the Chatwork class.

$message = Chatwork::message('Hi there');

Verify webhook payload

There's also a helper for verifying the webhook payload signature.

use SunAsterisk\Chatwork\Helpers\Webhook;

$isValid = Webhook::verifySignature($yourWebhookToken, $requestBody, $signature);