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This extension embeds rich media from

Plugin in Backend


Install the extension as any other extension. Either use composer require studiomitte/riddle or by downloading it from the TYPO3 Extension Repository.

Now switch to the account page, enable the API and copy the API token and API key. API

Open the settings in TYPO3 Install Tool and paste the 2 keys there.

Settings in TYPO3


After creating and publishing a riddle on you can create a new plugin in TYPO3 rich media.

Now you are done.

GDPR is hosting their riddles on their own servers in Germany and don't save any personal data of users.

Therefore you are not required to ask your website users for permissions displaying the iframe.

Modify rendering

The rendering is controlled with the TypoScript shipped in the ext_typoscript_setup.typoscript which is loaded by default.

tt_content.list.20.riddle_riddle = USER
tt_content.list.20.riddle_riddle {
    userFunc = StudioMitte\Riddle\Controller\PluginController->run

If you want to adopt the rendering, override the userFunc and provide a custom entrypoint.