Form extension & Image thumbs solution for Nette framework

dev-master 2016-09-20 21:20 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-25 15:13:28 UTC


Nette plugin: Form extension for upload picture (JPG, PNG, SVG, ..) with thumbnail preview & lightbox original. Front-end solution for thumbnails.

Example in form:


How install actual version

Add via composer to your project:

$ composer require studioartcz/imageslave @dev

Add to extensions in your config.neon (for advanced setup see doc)

    imageslave: App\Form\Control\ImageSlaveExtension

For lightbox preview download client-side assets via bower:

$ cd {fill-your-path}/vendors/studioartcz/imageslave/
$ bower install

Add rules to Grunt - example and add your copied JS with files from client-side folder.

Using in Forms

Create form:

public function create()
    $form = new Form();
    $form->addImageSlave("picture", "Pretty picture");
    $form->onSuccess[] = array($this, "processForm");
    return $form;

Working with data:

public function processForm(Form $form, $values)