Deployer recipes to aid deployment

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Deployer recipes to aid deployment via



Install via Composer:

composer require studio24/deployer-recipes --dev

Install all Studio 24 Deployer tasks by adding this to your deploy.php:

require 'vendor/studio24/deployer-recipes/all.php';

To only install individual tasks, see the docs for each task.

Running Deployer

Please note this project uses a local Deployer installation (via Composer) not a global version of Deployer. This is so we can make use of other Composer packages in deployment tasks reliably.

To run deployments please use:

vendor/bin/dep deploy environment 

rather than:

dep deploy environment

If you wish, you can install vendor binaries to another location by editing your project composer.json file. For example, to install to bin so you can run deployer via bin/dep:

  "config": {
    "bin-dir": "bin"


The following tasks are available:

Full deploy example

A sample of a full deploy file can be found in examples/deploy.php

To use this file in a project copy it to your project root and update the config variables.

Please edit deploy.php depending on your needs. For example if you don't need to run Composer during deployment remove the line:

    // Composer install